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10 times background music would really help.


Who doesn’t wish that life came with a background score? But then again, the world would be a very noisy place, just imagine having parallel background scores playing as we go through the day, everywhere the songs as about everyone else as much as they are about us. Even though thatโ€™s not a very happy realization for some people, here are 10 times when a background score would be absolutely perfect.

  1. Falling in love, ah the gushes of a warm fuzzy feeling, wouldn’t it be lovely to just have your favourite artist crooning a song, about YOU -cue to dreamy sighs-
  2. Heartbreaks, yes sometimes our heart breaks, and not just because of unrequited love, or bereavement, or separation, or because our dreams are shattered; it is in these moments, when we can draw strength from the music, or wallow in misery (though we doubt there’s any song that lets you wallow in misery, most bluesy songs also somehow encourage you to get through it..)
  3. Seeing someone after a long time, there really should be a track for meeting a long lost friend/acquaintance/relative/ex, there just should. It’s such a wonderful mixed bag of feelings, happiness, excitement, surprise, sorrow, anger – which ever it is, it definitely deserves a tune of its own.
  4. Nostalgia, instrumental music can sometimes can speak to, and appeal to our feelings in a manner that we never can, and this is exactly why nostalgia is perhaps easier experienced than explained. ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. An epic come back in an argument, how could this not be on the list? Can you imagine the magnitude of the comeback increase manifold just by having the right music played at the right time? #burn
  6. Plot twists in our lives, just like in the movies, small seemingly inconsequential moments, which actually impact our lives more than we realize as we live them, deserve some melody, like meeting your future boss, or bestfriend, or potential mugger, or just about anyone who will play an important role in shaping your life.
  7. While thinking, in general, because why not let the music possibly interrupt a mundane thought process, and steer it towards a path traversed so infrequently, you forgot it existed. Besides, it always looks really cool in the movies, doesn’t it? Lost in though, often staring into an empty space, with a head full of thoughts, a mind alive with a vivid imagination ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. Travel, because we all already do it. Don’t even try to deny it. Some of us read, some of us think (and as you’ll see in points 10 and 7, both would do well to have music with them) ๐Ÿ˜› But this score shouldn’t just be limited to the commute, it should extend to the journey, on the outside as well as inside, we’re sure, we’d all see things differently if we had musical cues to guide us.
  9. Anticipatory drum rolls, -dun dun dun- enough said.
  10. Indulging in some “me” time, this would be where the theme song of our lives comes in, in the moments that we have to ourselves, and ourselves alone, the ones which we share with only ourselves are the ones that make us who we are, some of us read, or write or paint or sketch or whatever makes us happy; when music can bring a smile to our face, why not let it reflect, and perhaps even add to the happy state we’re in?

All these instances aside, the world is better with music in it, Gods of Music, if you’re listening, background music would be good, anytime now. ๐Ÿ˜› Until next time, Keep it musical.

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