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5 of the most annoying things that people do at/after music festivals


There are people who are music lovers, and then there are the annoying jerks at music festivals who are alive only because it is illegal to kill them.

#1. Live feeders/minute by minute update posters.

Seriously you guys, you’re not doing the world a favour by live tweeting/instagramming the whole festival. If anything, you’re annoying people who are actually trying to have a good time at the music festival, but can’t; because your phone is always in the way – either taking pictures or recording videos. #lights #crowds #edm

#2. Complaining about sweat and change.

Everybody sweats, and everything changes. Suck it up, and learn to just let go and enjoy a little. Your cribbing about how sweaty everyone is, or how much the festival has changed, will neither stop people from sweating, nor will the festival go back to what you think it used to be.

If you cannot be positive then at least be quiet...like our mothers taught us <3

#3. Being jerks to the rest of the world about it.

Yes there are a great many of us who didn’t make it to the festival, but your high-handed remarks about that ethereal feeling, or that perfect moment just makes us want to kick you in the shins, to be brutally honest.

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#4. Complaining about the hangover for days after the festival is over.

Sure you drank like a whale at the festival, but really no body cares about your #detox #mindbodyrejuvenation, 300 years after the festival ended, neither do we care about how much you drunk or how severe your hangover is. If we make it sound worse than it is, we’re being ironic. Oh! What an interesting story! Now my turn, once upon a time, I don't give a shit. The end.

#5. Sharing pictures of the crowd feeling, which are epic fails at ‘silhouettes against the light’ pictures, and have an utterly pointless existence.

Spamming our newsfeeds with pictures that are as out of focus as yourself, makes you deserve a special place in hell for you.

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