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5 Reasons to attend The Day After Festival 2016 Panama


Everyone is gearing up for the 4th edition of  ‘The day after festival’ – a stellar dance and music festival.

With less than 10 days left for the festival to commence, this year’s edition seems to be the most grand and anticipated festival of 2016.

The Day After Festival 2016 Lineup

We give you 5 reasons which will compel you to take an early break and be a part of this magnanimous festival.

1.) Panama City

This one reason should be enticing enough to sell you the idea of a relaxing and opulent holiday by the beach side and some good music!

When you’re not busy switching stages in between concerts, you can take some time off to witness the breathtaking landscapes which the city has to offer.

Touted to be one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Central America, Panam will make you fall in love with its ultra modern lifestyle.

Panama City, city center skyline and Bay of Panama, Panama, Central America
Picture Source – dayafter.com

2.) Top Notch Line up

‘Day after festival’ boasts of the most enviable line up with ‘Above & Beyond’, ‘Jack U’ and ‘Zedd’ headlining all 3 days! Who would want to miss out on a chance to see their favourite artists perform consecutively day after another?

Other artists lined up for the 3 day event includes top notch dj’s like – Blasterjax, Bob Moses, Jauz and plenty others.

The Day After Festival 2016 Lineup

3.) Guaranteed Success

Since its inception 4 years back, ‘Day after festival has only gotten bigger and better both in its quality and the number of attenders. Previous editions has hosted some of the biggest names of the EDM industry with ‘AfroJack, Martin Garrix and Tiesto’ headlining the event.

As of this year we promise that the event will keep you amazed on all 3 days with the power of good music and friendly citizens!

Fireworks over main stage at The Day After Festival 2015. Photo by Rukes.

 4.)  Budget Friendly

You may think that living in such an opulent city with such modern facilities may burn a hole in your pocket but the fact remains that Panama is the Top 10 least expensive cities in the world.

From a range of economical resorts and hotels at your disposal you need not worry about the cash!

Another way to save a few bucks is to opt for carpooling and sharing accommodation with other festive goers in the city. How?

By clicking connect!

Silhouette of girls making heart shapes with their hands

5.) Local Cuisine

As the Panama republic is a melting pot of different cultures worldwide, there’s a range of exotic cuisine to choose from but seafood is hands down the most relished of all.

You may find a variety of food stalls inside the festival venue serving local delicacies which will keep you going for the rest of the concerts!

Panama Seafood

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