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5 things that WILL happen to you at every music festival


1. There will be too many people, everywhere.

At the gates, at the food counters, at the campsites, in the line for the port-a-loo, at the bar, at every single artist performance you want to check out. There will be a sea of people around you, in every direction at all times, be prepared to be shoved here and there from time to time; believe people when they say, “Sorry. My Bad.”

Go to a concert of someone I love, feel the rush of the audience, smile at the unity of people singing in unison, and dance the night away!

 2. There will be too many shirtless sweaty people.

Regardless of whether or not they have the body to show off, they will let go of their shirts, and they will sweat. As will you, so don’t forget to pack those wet wipes!

3rd Reason to not attend Coachella: Bro's. The Bro’s at Coachella are the worst. They spend the festival shirtless so as to expose their sweet muscles and poorly thought out tattoos. They pound $7 Heinekens all day then take drugs they bought in the parking lot and head to the Sahara tent. Once inside, they will try to fuck anything without a dick and fight anyone that threatens their space. YESSS!!!

3. There will be too many people drunk or high.

They will provide entertainment when there is none. Try not to be those people though, or do, if you can live with the chronicles of your drunk self immortalized forever on the internet. How Much Does It Cost To Drink at a Music Festival? Take a look at #Tomorrowland

4. Your phone will die on you.

Yes it will. The world and its mother knows it. Instead of denying it, how about investing in a solar charged power bank? Or resign to your fate of being lost in a sea of people with no way to reach your friends; on the upside, you’ll have a great time and possibly make new friends! “Pump Up Profits” Recharge Your Business Every 90 Days

5. There will be disappointments, but all in all, it will be awesome.

Sure a set may get delayed, or worse, cancelled, or the band won’t sound as great as they did on your studio album tracks, but you will have fun, and you will look forward to going for the same festival again, or going for other festivals.

pitchfork music festival - such a cute outfit ♥ @Molly Simon Cromer this is what i was thinking for me.

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