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5 times you’ll face absolute injustice at a music festival

As unlikely as it sounds, this is actually quite common for any one these things to happen at a music festival, unless you’re having a particularly bad phase, all of them happen at once, and it takes nerves of steel to get by them – 5 simple moments of injustice which seem innocuous, but are absolutely disarming, in the worst possible ways.

1. Time doesn’t only slow down when you fall in love, it also slows down, when you’re in a long queue for the loo. (particularly almost stopping, when it’s your turn – the only glitch is, your need to use the loo keeps getting more urgent, and you’re thinking – )

2.  When your favorite bands/artists are performing, simultaneously, at stages that are acres apart; and while you’re making the hard decision to choose between the two, this is all that you’re really thinking –

3.  Having really tall people in front of you, who refuse to make way, or some space for you, and you’ll try to get around them, sometimes you’ll succeed, other times you probably won’t and just be left thinking –

..just why not will you let me go? 😮

4. Having a perfectly well put together outfit ruined by rain, or mud sliders, and you’re just like –

5. Having your cellphone battery to die, for the second time. (sure you carried the power bank or a solar charger, but with all the pictures and tweeting and instagram-ing and calling friends to ask “Where you at?” every half an hour.. we’re not surprised it drained out so soon.)


these were just 5 times that we could think of, we’d love to know what you think about this, or if you’ve faced something similar, hit us with a comment below!

Until next time,
Keep it Musical!


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