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5 ways to make new friends at a music festival

Your decision for going to a music festival has many motivations, one of them being a chance to meet new people and make new friends. Some of us though, are less adept at this art of making new friends effortlessly than the rest of the human race. Here’s to all you awkwardly beautiful people, 5 ways to make more friends than you came with.

1. Always High-5

You either initiate it or reciprocate it. No matter what you do, never ever miss a high5, unless you’re short, and the high5 partner is a tall jerk.

high five (drawing on a post-it note) by @Marc Johns - meeting cynthia's demand for higher-fives.

2. Know how to give/receive a compliment

See someone with an interesting hairdo? tell them! Have someone telling you they like how you smile? Smile, say thanks, and find something to compliment them upon. Probably even end up saying things like this –

No matter how odd the compliment is, give one anyway. *Note : refrain from saying things like: you’re a dragon, tall, majestic, and have poor dental hygiene. 😛

3. Be entertaining

Not with all the drama and madness, but be innovative like plastic bottle water guns will be a big hit at summer festivals, start random dance offs among your existing friend group, but don’t try to be in the limelight all the time, because then, you’re trying too hard.

Glastonbury Festival goers walk in the rain 2014.

4. Bring extra stuff to share

This is the easiest way to making new friends, and starting conversations. Beware of mooches though!

What to Pack & Hacks for a Music Festival Camping #festbest #festivalstyle Festival Style. Packing for a Music Festival

5. Be yourself

Nothing turns potential friends off, more than someone pretending to be someone they’re clearly not. So be yourself and go with the flow. If you find someone interesting talk to them about what’s happening at the moment, to ease in the initial awkwardness of a new conversation, and then follow on to generic questions of how many festivals they’ve attended, favourite music artists, and blah blah. Brownie points if you can get them to share a good festival story with you, or get you to share an experience of your own! 😀


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