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7 reasons why EDM is so popular

There was once an era, when Disco ruled the hearts of people and the world! And then came a time when Disco died a natural death, only to be succeeded by Electronic Dance Music or the better known version- EDM.

We are quite sure that you are a die-hard fan of EDM, and lest you are not- there are some great reasons why the crop loves it-and you must too!

1. Oxygen for every party.


So let’s face it! We all love partying and no party qualifies as ‘GREAT’ unless it comprises Dance! And what better music to dance than the EDM which sets the mood and helps you live it up to the maximum.

Well indeed there is no denying the fact that nowadays, a party without EDM music is tasteless and bland.

2. Artist line-up of.


Love the track ‘Wake Me Up’ by Avicii? Or surely ‘Titanium’ by David Guetta feat. Sia runs on your mind all day? Well then it is not a surprise to know that EDM is a genre practised by some of the best guys on your playlist! Avicii, David Guetta, Major Lazer-and the list goes on!

3. The EDM-YOUTH connect.


Yes, you read that right! EDM and the youth get-along very well, or rather, very very well. And its not a doubt since every young buddy of yours has lengthy playlists of EDM. What’s more you ask? The EDM rage is spreading amongst the slightly elder ones too! So don’t be shocked if your 40-year old Aunt loves dancing to the latest EDM track 😛

4. Conversion into a real genre.


EDM is not just some lay form of music but is an actual genre-and this genre has sub-genres within it!

When the options are maximum, so will be the audience. EDM, as you know, has crazy followers because it has a track for every ear! So what do you like-Ambient, Breakbeat, or Electronic Rock?

5. It is a 7B industry!


Was that a jaw-dropping piece of news? But so true! EDM is no joke- its a genre, a craze and also a 7,000,ooo,ooo industry. And why would it not be? The industry is gauged on the basis of the events the masses attend and what musical gear they buy.

6. Various festivals play EDM.


Music and dance festivals are attractive and followed by the audiences with zest! And any music festival is incomplete without the music. Tomorrow-land, Creamfields and many other dance festivals have promoted EDM and made audible to the audience.

You can check out all the latest upcoming EDM festivals on our website.

7. Social media.

Media is the layman’s window to the world. And this window has surely shown and marketed EDM to its target audience pretty well. What’s more? An EDM fan himself will let  you know so much more about EDM than you think you knew- through his endless posts and shares of videos and so much more.

Countless media platforms allow fans to comment on their love for EDM, share their experiences of live EDM-playing rave parties and so much.

Didn’t attend an EDM night yet? Make sure you do for you are missing out on so much! And maybe you find many more reasons to EDM’s popularity:)

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