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Bunbury Music Festival, 2016


Come 2016, Cincinnati, Ohio invites you to one of the most amazing festivals this June. Yes, that’s right- the Bunbury Festival is here to get your party mood on! From the 3rd to the 5th of June, this 3-day fest is all worth your time and money. Read on as we give you reasons why this fest is a ‘Must-go!’

1. The fest.

Well, the most amazing part of the fest is the fest itself. Started in 2012, this fest already entertains a massive number of people. Unbelievable! In its inaugural fest itself, there were over 100 performances on 6 stages. Quite a show, isn’t it?

2. Humane.

While this fest could be your favourite for the partying aspect, it also has another great thing. The festival makes a mark by integrating its eco-friendly objectives. Moreover, Bunbury also makes it a point to encourage technological initiatives.

3. Bee Here, Bee You, Bee Free.

This is the wisely curated theme of the fest. In a simpler tone, this fest promises to make partying an enjoyable experience which you’ll cherish for the longest time. The bee makes for a delightful mascot. The idea of the fest is to save yourself from something that’s boring. So now, you know!

4. Craft Beer Village.

The fest promotes your taste for beer at its exclusive Craft Beer Village. Leinenkugel brewers, the ones providing for Craft Beer Village, are a huge hit among festers and has a huge fan base too!

5. The line-up.

A big fest ought to have an amazing line-up! That being obvious the previous line-ups at the fest have included names like Snoop Dogg,  Mikky Ekko, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Brick + Mortar, Red Wanting Blue, ZZ Ward, Young the Giant, The Flaming Lips and many many more.
This year, be prepared to groove to The Killers, Florence +The Machine Mudcrutch, Ice Cube, Of Monsters and Men and the list goes on.
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