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Croatia Spring Break 2017 Survival Kit


The most awaited Spring Break Festival is right around the corner so we thought to let you in on some life saving travel tips while attending the festival. We tell you exactly what you need to carry to enhance your experience at the Spring Break Festival and not face any inconvenience during the festive weekend. Now firstly we recommend you to travel light; avoid throwing in stuff just for the sake of travelling , making your carry bag unnecessarily heavy. The key to survival is smart packing. Here are a few things which might come in handy during the festival :

1) Two pairs of sunglasses

Sunglasses are an invaluable tool for protecting your eyes against the glaring rays but with all the commotion , mishaps can lead to them breaking or getting lost. Hence, carrying a backup pair might prove to be useful.

muzenly croatia springbreak

2) Two hydrogen and one oxygen molecule in a portable bottle

Between the dancing, endless walking and collective body heat you may lose extra fluids in the form of heat.Thus make sure that you regularly hydrate your body be drinking plenty of plain or saline water. Buy a water bottle from a vendor and save it for refills.

3) Shoes

Comfortable shoes are the key to surviving the daily dusty shuffling. In crammed tents with enthusiastic concert goers,your feet will get stepped on. Might as well brace yourself with the right gear.

4) Baby Wipes

This may sound unconventional but when showers require infinite wait times and you couldn’t book a hotel, baby wipes are a quick refreshing solution to avoid the sweaty face and look pretty as you always do.


5.) Sleeping Bag

Now if you intend to settle in a camp or set up a canopy with friends, sleeping bag is a must. Bug bites can be nasty during the festival and you don’t want to feel sore during the concerts. Most sleeping bags are comfortable and would comfortably wrap around you and give enough warmth for the night!  

So if you have these few things in your carry bag you are good to go for the Croatia Spring Break Festival.

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