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Do's and Don'ts at Ultra Europe 2016


Ditch your college textbooks and those boring job routines between 15th and 17th July, for it is time you enjoy a well deserved EDM festival, none other than Ultra Europe 2016. This festival is one of the most awaited festivals of the year and with the line ups and parties planned, there is no scope to disappoint! But before you pack up and head down to the fest, here are a few pointers to live by at the concert, to amplify the fun factor. ( Only for the Ultra Europe)

1. Comfort Clothes because its Ultra Europe

If you needed an excuse to run down to your closest fashion store, here is one. Ditch the heavy formal clothing and keep it casual yet chic with a few light summer outfits. The music is already going to be beating down on you, we don’t need the sun to add on! Put together a hippie outfit and you’re set. Cute and comfy? Check.

2. Eat Sleep Hydrate Repeat

Booze consumption needs no reminder at a festival, but it cannot be your staple diet for the entire festival, much to our dismay. God damn our weak human organs! To keep this festival and yourself lively, remember to keep yourself stocked up on quick but healthy snacks like nuts and dry fruits. And most importantly, H2O is your life line. Never let your body reach a  level of dehydration at a festival. More water means more booze for your body and much more grooving to the crazy music. Sleeping is helpful , but meh, you’re at a festival. GO PARTAY!

3. Pre-Plan

Don’t forget to book all your transportation, accommodation and tickets in advance. This festival is to give you a break from your daily life hassles and increasing blood pressure, not increase it. Don’t leave out minute details before bag packing into the festival. If you’re tardy, you might hate the party.

4. Boat and Beach Parties

Special Sail boat trips and beach parties have been organized for all attending the festival so there is not a second of silence or serenity. Who needs calm when EDM music gets your body moving and pumping with each beat? Remember to check out every party and destination they have lined up for you, so that you can attend all your dream parties and scratch them off your bucket list!

5. Suit up to socialize!

Going solo? No problemo. Down a few beers, and let that friendly side of you shine bright. Bond with the people around you over anything like music or culture or even food! You might just find yourself a new best friend in the crowd! You are never lonely at a music festival, always remember. All you socially awkward kids, this applies to you in particular.

6. Be Alert!

Remember not to carry too many expensive electronics and items in general. In the unfortunate occasion of anything getting flicked, Ultra does provide for certain security measures, but that assures no guaranty. No one wants to leave a music festival pissed off over a lost valuable.

You, my friend, are now well rounded to attend Ultra Europe. Now, with the power vested in us, we now pronounce you, eligible to rave. You may now, down your drink. *crowd cheers*

Also, don’t forget, you can gain more insight and connect with people going for this festival from your area at Muzenly.

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