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Electric Forest 2016


Arm yourself for 2016’s USA’s Electric Forest edition! Being a 4-day multi-genre event, there’s lots waiting to be discovered at Electric Forest. Read on while we explore the reasons to why you must go here, sans second thought.

1. The Forest.

The best part of the festival is  the forest itself. The set-up is so creatively designed-it all looks too good to be real! A typical forest-like set-up and a tribal vibe are the highlights of the fest. Put in better words, Electric Forest is your fest amidst woods and nature.

2. The Stage.

The Stage is no exception to the charm of the fest. Gigantic and dreamy, these stages are also colorful and look ethnic yet out of the world! There is a mix of so much that your eyes are bound to get an amazing treat.

3. The Madness.

There is a very unique and striking sort-of madness at the Electric Forest. The party-persons you’ll find here are friendly and cool. One thing you are sure to come across at the fest- people are highly experimental and ready to go the way, making this fest something truly different from other fests.

4. Things to do.

There are a handful of unconventional things you can do at Electric Forest. You can draw, paint and get yourself tattooed. You can even practice yoga just like the other fest-goers do! There’s also the Hippy String- you can find goodies on this string if you are lucky enough.

5. Lineup.

While there’s so much already at Electric Forest, the lineup is not far behind. This year’s lineup includes A- listers like:
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