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Hammerfest Festival 2016

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Want to party all night long in a gorgeous vista, but wondering where to go? Well then, we have an answer to this question lurking in your head! Norway is the way! The Hammerfest Festival 2016 is all set to spread its wings and fly high from the 10th of March to the 13th of March. Get ready to move to the sound of metal while we give you everything you must know about this Festival in the ‘Land of the midnight sun’.

1. An awesome Welsh affair.

The northern-most city of the world is the destination you need to head to – Hammerfest, which obviously is the name of this groovy festival. So while you are enjoying yourself to metal music, you are ultimately partying at a locale known for its awesomeness and distinct features. Did you know that Hammerfest is actually where the sun never goes down?

2. Popular organizers.

The festival is owned by emc3i Ltd, sponsored by their music magazine Metal Hammer and run by the organizers of the Hard Rock Hell festival. With these organizers taking over the festival, is there any reason you still need to doubt?

3. For metal lovers.

Photo credits : SD Photography

Now this was obvious. The Hammerfest Festival, since the past 7 years, has been synonymous with crazy body-grooving metal music. If you are a fan of metal music, think no more. This festival is your go-to destination you can’t miss out on.

4. Line-up.

An interesting line-up awaits you at the Hammerfest Festival. A line-up consisting the craziest metal guys like Exodus, Cradle of Filth, Trollfest, Re-Animator, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Lawnmower Deth, Ranger, Def Con One, Turisas, Sorcerer, Evile, Acid Reign, Holy Grail, Tragedy, The Qemists, One For Sorrow, Stoneghost, Druganaut, Reign of Fury, Oaf, Brutai, Anihilated, Life of Fire, Seething Akira, Cypher16, Derision, Phantom Sea, Steak, Profane and the Sacred, and Ocean Mind are waiting to give you the dose of adrenaline you have been waiting for.

5. A crazy crowd.

Photo credits : SD Photography

‘Birds of the same feather flock together’.

And how can a metal festival be any exception to this? Get ready to meet people with as much craze and passion for metal as you. Believe us, you would enjoy more than ever with people who are just like you, perhaps your long-lost twin! You can blend with those twins even before the madness begins by using Muzenly Connect.

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