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How to start a conversation online with Muzenly Connect


Before you read this post, you MUST sign up on Brenne brown said, “The only reason we are here is to connect”, but you see a cute guy or girl going to the same festival as you, and you wonder, “what if I could make friends with this him/her?”, and you don’t want to sound stupid.. So here are some rules that might help you kick things off on a good note.

Rule #1. Don’t use slang, but say something

Bad grammar, net speak and bad spelling are a huge turn-off. Words like ‘ur’, ‘u’, ‘wat’, ‘wont’, and ‘so on’ should rather be kept for your mind alone. These all make a terrible first impression. However it’s ok to use words like haha, or lol, but avoid the “hehe”. So have fun but stay grammatically correct, logical and fun-tastical! Lastly, don’t just say “hey” or “wassup” and expect a response.  May be something like, “How’s it going, Chris? I saw that you are going for XYZ festival as well. Seems like we have ‘ABC’ friend in common so I just thought of saying Hi. ”

Rule #2. Avoid commenting on physical attributes.

“Wassup beautiful”.. “Did anyone tell you how cute you are?”.. ew!. So even though this applies to both sexes, guys usually can’t help themselves from flattering a girl by complimenting her beauty. It’s a big turn off especially when you don’t know the person and you’re just incessantly messaging them. 15 Reasons Flirting Is A Struggle For Awkward People

Rule #3. Don’t keep chasing.

In our enthusiasm to get attention, we sometimes make this mistake of sending way too many messages even if the person is not responding. “May be she didn’t read it” .. I say she read it and if she’s interested, she’ll message you back. Respect their privacy and let them be. Muzenly Connect

Rule #4. Howdy, how’s it going, and what’s up are fine.

You can start with these and you’d be fine. There’s an app to say “Yo” and it’s not this one.. Hi, hey and hello are not fun. Remember the fun-tastical part? Community Post: 22 Signs You're Still Addicted To "Friends"

Rule #5. Find common interests.

Think about it, we often hang out with people who are like minded and share common interests. Of course, you won’t know this by just looking at their profile (don’t tell me you haven’t stalked this person on Facebook already) 😉 Sometimes people share a bit about themselves and may be you can use that as a starting point to learn more.

Rule #5. Be genuine.

If you want to make genuine connections, you’ll have to be genuine as well. It’s always a give and take policy! genuine, true to one's character. power to attract,  hold the interest of others.:

Rule #6. Avoid the autobiography.

Looks can kill, so can autobiographies. You don’t have to tell the other person everything to impress them about how cool you are and how they had been missing out on life until  you arrived. Take it easy. Displaying gaaah.jpgDisplaying gaaah.jpgDisplaying gaaah.jpgDisplaying gaaah.jpgLOL my friend sent this when a random number texted her!!!<<<perfect---- Again, why doesn't this stuff happen to me?:

Rule #7. Be yourself.

Odds are, if you are not yourself, you are getting nowhere. With so many rules, don’t get stiff, just be yourself! Happy connecting! ~dare to be different. it's so much more fun!!* This was me Kinderguarden Chrostmas concerto :D:   Now that you know the rules, it is time to play the game 😉 Go to and connect with fellow Muzenly users.  

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