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Isle Of Wight.

Hunting for some raw rock fest but don’t know where to go? Well, let’s ease that bit of your worry. The Isle of Wight, England’s adorable Rock Fest is back! Read on as we tell you what makes this Rock Fest like no other.

1. Your ultimate Island Party.

Partying away on an island is reality now, thanks to Isle of Wight. From the 9th to the 12th of June, you can expect your best days at an island party. With over 45 years of this festival’s existence, the Isle also enjoys its own micro-climate- distinct and unique.

2. Your Dynamic Fest.

The organizers of Isle Of Wight strongly believe that just like life, music keeps changing. So do they! They pledge to keep changing and evolving for the better as time passes to keep up with the times. So you have something to relate to!

3. Your ‘Awarded’ Fest.

It is awesome to know a fest being appreciated with awards. The Isle of Wight indeed has a handsome list of awards- starting from  ‘Best Major Festival’ at the UK Festival Awards, to  ‘Best Family Festival’ Award.

4. Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane.

The specially curated Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane add to the fun in the fest. Located at 8-9 minutes from the main stage, the Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane are other good ‘silver linings’ on this fest!

5. Line-up.

The Isle Of Wight’s line-up simply spells ‘WOW’! With names like Pharrell Williams, The Prodigy, The Black Keys, Paulo Nutini and Fleetwood Mac in the the past events, you can always expect larger than life line-ups at the fest.
This year’s list involves:
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