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Summer Festival Tips


When it comes to festivals and festival tips, everyone has their own little list of what works for them and what doesn’t.. Here’s 10 survival tips that are common, but easily forgotten in all the festival excitement! 1. Dress comfortable, and be comfortable – with the people you’re going with, the people that are already there.. everything.

2. Keep sipping on water and stay hydrated, the heat is not going to be kind.

3. Layer your clothes, carry a bag to ditch, or reach out for those extra clothes.. always carry an extra pair of shoes, you never know when you might need them. πŸ˜› 4. Tie up your hair, as in the picture above, or try something spunky, with hair chalk like this

basically, show off some of your fabulous personality, have fun with whatever makes you, YOU.

  Festivals are all about having a good time and being yourself, so go ahead and be yourself πŸ™‚ unless you’re a prick of a person, in which case, be anyone but yourself. #justkidding. 5. Carry/wear a hat or sunglasses, because if you want the sun to get in your eyes, you might as well stare at it. πŸ˜›

6. Bandanas are always a good idea, sweaty hair issues are sorted out a great deal because of these beauties.

7. Sun Block, Wet wipes can and will save your life more times than anyone.

this is exactly what we mean – a decent amount of sunblock could’ve helped, A LOT.

8. Sweets, or any form of candy will come in handy when you start to feel the heat, and trust us, it’ll happen within minutes of reaching the venue, so either carry some with you or if it’s all taken away from you at the gates, eat something within the premises to keep the energy levels soaring.

9. Answer nature’s call without being too germophobic, don’t hold it in. Trust us, the portable washrooms aren’t always so bad, or easy to get into.. now you don’t want to reach a point where waiting in a cue is not an option. Just go, because it doesn’t matter even if you bathe in sanitizer later, people will sweat all over you again – not that you shouldn’t be concerned about hygiene, just don’t over do it.

10. Just have fun, it’s hot, people are sweating all over you, pushing you, stepping on your toes, your favorite bands are playing on two different stages simultaneously… – it’s only as bad as you think it is; so you can either look back at the best moments of your life, or deem it worst experience ever – either way, you paid for it, so you owe it to yourself to try and have a good time!

That’s all for now, until next time,Keep it Musical!  

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