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The Hangout Music Festival, 2016

The Gulf Shores, Alabama await you to a memorable music fest. Get set, GROOVE to one of America’s most awaited music fests- The Hangout Music Festival, 2016. Founded by A.J. Niland and Shaul Zislin in 2010, it is the first major music festival held on the beach in the city. This year it rocks the shores from 20th to 22nd of May. Read on as we tell you why you must attend this amazing fest:

1. The beach.

Well, that’s the most striking and welcoming feature of The Hangout. The beach- the perfect party place! We all love to indeed hangout on the beach. And what better than America’s most loved beach party? The Hangout is the perfect place to shake yourself up and set yourself free.

2. The stages.

The fest has two distinct stages- the Main stage and the Chevrolet Stage. Both these  stages are located at opposite ends of the beach. So basically the party never ends. Of course, the Boom Boom Tent booms with music too!

3. The legacy.

The Hangout has seen a massive audience since its inception. Attended by 15,000 party folk in 2010,  the audience has just seen a sharp rise. Currently it entertains 40,000 party men. Massive leap indeed!

4. The genre.


Rock, alternative, electronic dance music, indie, hip hop, jam bands, reggae- the genres for every music lover are right here!

5. The line-up.


The line-up at hangout has always been a jaw-dropping one.
With previous music honchos like The Avett Brothers, Foo Fighters, Paul Simon, Widespread Panic, Jack White, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kings of Leon, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Stevie Wonder, OutKast, The Killers and The Black Keys, the line-up of A1 artists just keeps increasing.
This year get set to expect:
Calvin Harris, Florence+The Machine, The Weeknd, Alabama Shakes, Ellie Goulding, Lenny Kravitz, Haim, Cage The Elephant, Flumes, Grime, Moon Taxi, Raury, Pepper and many, many more.

6. The Camp-Hangout.

Its all about fun and frolic at the Hangout. Perhaps, a better chance to make new friends from across the globe. Play the Tug-of-War, paint faces, launch water balloons, slip and slide or go for the other classic adventure treats. The choice is all yours!

7. THE 2016 Malibu Beach House.

Claiming to be the best on the beach and amongst the parties, you better gear up for this amazing beach fest. This year’s line-up includes Hippie Sabotage, Speaker of the House, Jack Novak & Jerry Folk.
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