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The Malasimbo Music Festival.

You already know that the Philippines is known as the Text capital of the world, owing to its high magnitude of texts messages sent per day! Now, we let you know another interesting fact about the Philippines, that it hosting the Malasimbo Music Festival- which is set to start on the 4th of March and is a two-day affair. Here’s a quick run-through on the festival other than booze, fun and of course, lotsa music-

1. The location.

If the happiness of a music fest altogether has excited you so much, than the news that this fest has a scenic locale will get you an adrenaline rush! Yes, that’s right. Malasimbo is not your ordinary fest, it is that one fest which is nestled right in the mountain foothills of Malasimbo. The highlight of this festival is the grass-terraced amphitheatre that flows down towards the main stage. It also overlooks a breathtaking bay. So get spoiled for fun among the scenes.

2. Humane.

Malasimbo has what it calls its ‘Four Pillars’- Music, Arts, Environment, and Indigenous People. Their basic idea is to make Filipino heritage accessible to the masses with humanitarian touch. They give a certain portion of their proceeds to charity.  They help with reforestation initiatives and also provided a whole village with solar power. So remember, while you are enjoying the fest, you are also contributing to the betterment and welfare of the Filipinos!

Good choice!

8 Best Things About the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 2014:

3. Line-up.

If the locale and the humane aspect wasn’t enough, then there’s more reason to attend the fest- the amazing line-up! Its not your regular line-ups but is one filled with awesome guys out there who promise to give you a good time. Get ready for-TOM THUM, BRIGADA, CRWN, ¥€$Ø, MIRO, JACOB COLLIER, LUSTBASS, KRISTIAN HERNANDEZ, BADKISS, MANILA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, GORDON HAMILTON, THE BRAT PACK, REO BROTHERS, SINO SIKAT and many more!

4. Many genres of music.

No fest would make sense without music and where there’s music, and plethora of options would mean a bonus! Get ready to dance and groove to World Music, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Disco, Hip Hop, House, Electronic and beyond.

5. Your affair with Filipino art.

After this amazing rendezvous with fun and enthusiasm, make sure to rest your eyes on the art-installations and the centuries-old traditions of Oriental Mindoro’s indigenous Mangyan tribe.

Now that you are excited for the fest, you can check out more details on our website. Also, find other folks going for the fest and Connect with them.

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