The only guide you’ll need to be a good Szi(ge)tizen. – Muzenly Stories

The only guide you’ll need to be a good Szi(ge)tizen.

As a festival, the Sziget Festival stands for freedom, enjoyment, and the envious state of being chill. With a crowd pull of 4,00,000 enthusiastic music lovers, this Budapest festival is a party that keeps getting better by the minute; starting from the 10th through to the 17th of August in its 24th Edition in 2016!

SZIGET Festival Budapest.

A genre agnostic festival, Sziget brings in the biggest names from EDM, Metal, Folk, Jazz, Blues, Alternative Rock and even Classical Music for every kind of music lover that just wants to have a good time at the festival; but the fun goes on even when the music stops with cultural programs, like theatre, circus and exhibitions, and an unforgettable beach.

So while you’re booking tickets, reaching out to people to go with, or even finding new people to chill with, and basically getting ready to party, here’s everything you’ll need to take, and need to leave behind –

Essentials :

  • Your ticket!
  • Waterproof tent, sleeping bag, mattress, torch & batteries.. (should you forget to put any of it in, they have a well stocked on site store, which will have pretty much everything you’ll need.)
  • Three different types footwear – closed, open, flipflops.
  • Hygiene related stuff, medical supplies, and/or any medication that needs to be taken on a timely basis.
  • Something to protect against direct sunlight – think caps sun glasses, bandanas; slightly warm clothes for the nights, an emergency rain jacket.
  • Beachwear, sun block, and mosquito repellent creme.What to pack for Isle of Wight Festival - Isle of Wight Festival looks #wefashion

What will be allowed in :

  • Food: As long as you bring enough for yourself, and perhaps one more person; it’s all good. Just try not too get too excited and bring enough food to feed the entire festival crowd! There will also be a local store on site, so no one ever has to go hungry, or be famished. Ever.
  • Drinks: Non-alcoholic beverages, in the portion size of 1 PET bottle of max. 2.5 Liters per person.
  • Cigarettes: At the very max. you’ll be allowed in 20 packs of cigarettes, or 10 packs of cigarillos, and 10 pieces of cigars are allowed.
    How To Keep Your Cooler Cold For Up to Five Days. I'll add my own #8 - freeze anything freezable that you won't be using on day 1.

What won’t be allowed in :

  • Alcohol in any form.
  • Drugs and any stimulants, with all the cultural activities, and excellent music going on, the vibe of the festival will be your only addiction.
  • Gas heaters and gas containers, because you’re here to have a good time, not spend your time whipping meals for yourself.
  • Pyrotechnical objects, the festival has got it covered.
  • Glass objects.
  • Striking and/or cutting tools, because this is a music festival, not a kitchen, or a self defense class. 😛
  • Umbrellas, because raincoats are the more compact option.
  • Basically anything that can be used to kill or injure another person.Sziget Festival, Budapest

As long as you’ve got this covered, and have an open mind and an open heart, nothing can stop you from having the time of your life at the Sziget Festival. Until next time, Keep it musical!

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