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Tomorrowland Brazil 2016.


TomorrowLand is the most adorable global music event. Highly anticipated line-ups. Thrills and excitement levels soaring up in the sky. Winner of the Best Music Event at the International Dance Music Awards for three consecutive years. Winner of the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards, again, for three consecutive years. Wondering how Tomorrowland has been such a hit? From 21st to the 23rd of this month, its all about partying today, tomorrow and forever at Tomorrowland. Read on as we urge you to jump onto the bandwagon of  revellers at Tomorrowland Brasil, 2016!

1. A matter of the heart.

Tomorrowland has secured a place in every fest-goers heart. Needless to say, music enthusiasts know the uniqueness of Tomorrowland like the back of their hands. In turn, Tomorrowland has carved a niche for itself in the music world.

2. A staggering craze.


Tomorrowland is amazement for the Belgian and the Brazilians. If that’s not enough, music freaks  all over the world include this awesome fest in their list of ‘To Dos’. Tomorrowland promises no end to partying today, and this goes well with youngsters and adults.

3. TomorrowWorld.


If Tomorrowland wasn’t enough, the newest of Tomorrowland, ‘TomorrowWorld’ has made waves. This one of its kind fest was first held at Georgia’s capital Atlanta. Started in 2013, the fest struck a chord with a massive audience- 140,000 attendees on weekends.

4. Genre.


EDM- the current craze all-over the World is the main genre which Tomorrowland stands by. No wonder Tomorrowland knew how to use the EDM craze to their advantage.

5. Venues.


Tomorrowland chose Belgium and Brazil to showcase EDM tracks and talents. Brazil had been wisely chosen by the organizers since Brazil resonates with partying and merry-making. Expectations for April end’s ‘Tomorrowland Brasil, 2016’ has risen in leaps and bounds.

6. The ‘Church Of Love’.

Other than Fridays, Saturdays and technology, people also love LOVE. The organizers took notice of this and the ‘Church of love’ is the idea. People can rock their relationships in this mischievous Church, keenly guarded by nuns who are equally naughty yet faithful to their watcher’s task. Bizarrre, isn’t it?

7. The Main Stage.

The Main Stage at Tomorrowland is nothing less than a surprise. The main stage has always been unconventional compared to other festivals. Perhaps, the idea is to provide visual entertainment along with audial pleasure.

8. Artist line-up.


The artist line-up in Tomorrowland is and always will be the most amazing assortment of artists.  Skrillex, Avicii, Marco Bailey, Skazi, David Guetta, Nervo, Hardwell, Swedish House Mafia, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Carl Cox, The Bloody Beetroots, Paul van Dyk, Martin Solveig, Chuckie, Fatboy Slim, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Pendulum playing on fifteen stages each day. The most stunning line-up – all at Tomorrowland.

In Tomorrowland Brasil 2016, groove to 

9. Tomorrowland’s way of showing love.

Being loved all over, Tomorrowland has also shown its love to the fest-goers. In 2013, to avoid any hindrance by rains and storms, the organisers set up ‘hail cannons’. Large foot put forward, Tomorrowland.

10. Dreamville.

The land where people rest after their rave at Tomorrowland- Dreamville. Where different personalities come together and make unexpected friendships. Its their house for these three days of pleasure and leisure at Tomorrowland. There is a Marketplace with food stands from around the world, a teahouse, a fresh bakery, a butcher’s shop, a supermarket, BBQ areas, a jewellery store and even a real hairdressers and make-up salon. Indeed a ville, isn’t it?

11. The Key To Happiness.

With the emblem of TomorrowLand comes the Key To Happiness. In TomorrowWorld folklore, an inventor created a machine which shall give pure bliss to the universe and only Mother Nature can unlock the machine, opening up the world to pure bliss. Luckily enough, Mother Nature has finally decided to make this key a reality to mankind. These Keys to Happiness will unlock the Magical Treasure Chests and bliss is just days away from now!

We can’t stop praising TomorrowLand and the list is endless! Make friends by connecting with fellow persons joining the TomorrowLand bandwagon using Muzenly Connect. 

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