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Ultra Music Festival : Do’s and Don’ts


Ultra Music Festival is right around the corner, and it seems to be making everyone giddy with excitement! But don’t let the excitement make you overlook, or forget things that you’ll regret once you’re having the time of your life (or at least trying to, depending on what you overlooked/forgot.) 😛 When it comes to music fests, everyone’s a genius, and each person will tell you what you should or shouldn’t do at a festival, and we also do the exact same thing with this post. 😛 We promise to keep it short though.

  1. Do experiment with clothing; don’t go overboard.

    you don’t want to be ^ that person.
  2. Do arrive early; don’t expect everyone else in your party to follow suit.
  3. Do bring a bottle of water, do refill it as many times as you want; don’t buy a fresh bottle every time.
  4. Do have company; don’t be restricted to it.

    just focus on having a good time, all the time 🙂
  5. Do bring your own sweets, and share them; don’t however accept innocuous looking candy from strangers.
  6. Do wear comfortable shoes; don’t go for flip flops.

    she’s got the right idea about dressing comfortably well!
  7. Do drink to good times; don’t drink into oblivion.
  8. Do make new friends and have a chilled out time together as much as you can; don’t be the human version of super glue.

    know when to let go 😛
  9. Do take some time off for your own favourite tracks at the end of the day; don’t plug your headphones in, mid performance.
  10. Do be weary of strangers (even the good looking ones) offering sniff happy substances; don’t be a prickly skinned lizard to every person you meet.
  11. Do fix a spot to congregate with friends; don’t forget to take travel time into consideration.
  12. Do make time to check out the lesser known bands on the line up; don’t judge them if you don’t vibe with their music. #sobored
  13. Do pack light; don’t leave all the important things behind 😛
  14. Do shed inhibitions and have fun; don’t do something that will make you curl into a ball the next day.
  15. Do carry a portable charger for your mobile; don’t misuse the phone battery life with minute-by-minute #festupdates (because, shut up and enjoy the damn festival.)

    #festupdate : having the time of my life @UltraMusicFestival!!!
  16. Do eat and drink well; don’t forget when to say when.
  17. Do find a tree to rest under; don’t end up under a tree outside festival premises. Re-entry on the same day is not permitted.

    if sitting under a tree is too mainstream for you, you can go right ahead and climb onto it. Just, within festival premises.
  18. Do take your camera along; don’t expect to get permission for professional lenses/ tripods.
  19. Do be prepared to get a little dirty; don’t turn into a doctor prepping for surgery.
  20. Do be prepared to get pushed around 99.9% of the time; don’t get mad at people if it happens.

    you were warned.

  That’s all for now, Until next time, Keep it Musical!

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