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Why you can’t miss out on this 32 days Georgian Music Festival

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Within the last decade many interesting music festivals around the globe have been born. Have you ever heard about GEM Fest?

The most impressing thing about this festival is how long it lasts – 32 days of non stop partying over the best summer months that Georgia has to offer. Over 100,000 people will come to Anaklia this summer to party and have lots of fun during this month long festival.  


Some of the artists who will be performing this year are Solomun, Martin Garrix, Axwell, Ingrosso, Sander van Doorn, Steve Aoki, and Dubfire among hundreds of others.

Tickets are quite inexpensive comparing it to US and other festivals from around the globe – at Gem Fest one day ticket will cost you only 25-50$ US dollars. If interested in the entire month it will come out to only around 250$ US.

Furthermore Georgia is one of the most beautiful countries with gorgeous nature, mountains and plenty of things to do and explore whenever you are tired of partying! You will not be disappointed, we promise you this.

A very interesting fact is that the Georgian government allows US citizens and most people from around the globe to stay up to 365 days without a visa! Are you ready to explore this amazing fest?


5 more reasons why you need to go 

  1. Anaklia is next to the beach! Get your swimming gear and get ready for the festival next to the Black Sea
  1. You can challenge yourself on attending all 32 days of the festival! Can you imagine all the fun, plus amazing memories you can have during this time?
  1. People will attend from all over the world! Truly making it an international festival – you will meet many new friends from across the globe
  1. Nice shaded camping next to the beach. The campground is fully equipped with shower cabins, toilets, lockers, cell charging spots, security guards and cameras throughout the campgrounds.
  1. You can explore the country itself. Three things that Georgia is famous for: delicious food, extremely friendly people and amazing nature!

Are you ready to go? We are! So let’s discover, connect and travel to Georgia this summer!

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